Check this page regularly, as we will be updating as new questions come up.

How are age groups determined?

A player's "soccer" age is set based on the player's age on December 31st of the year of th Spring season. The player will maintain that age throughout the Fall and Spring season. For instance, if the player was born in 2006, their soccer age for the 2018/19 (Fall/Spring) season would be calculated as 2019-2006 = 13U (13 & under).

My player has never played before, what equipment do I need?

Each player will need to have proper shinguards and shoes for each practice and game. A ball is optional but highly encouraged. SoccerKraze has a nice selection and knowledgeable staff.

When is the Fall Season?

Fall teams typically start practice in early to mid August. Games are typically on Saturdays and are played from late August through the end of October.

When is the Spring Season?

Spring teams typically start practice in early to mid-March. Games are typically on Saturdays and are played from late March through the end of May.

What day are practices?

Each coach sets the dates, times and locations of practices for his/her team.

What day are games?

Games are typically played on Saturdays only. Occasional mid-week games are played.

When will I hear from a coach?

Coaches should contact players approximately 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the season. In the Spring you should hear from a coach the first week of March. In the Fall, they should be in contact the first week of August.

How are teams formed?

All Recreational teams are formed on as even a basis as possible, taking into account the player’s school, transportation requirements, age, etc. We do not accept parent requests for player placement.

Can I request to have my kids play on the same team?

Assuming that they are in the same age group (or near age groups), then yes. Please make sure that you mark the registration form that you wish this to occur. This is especially important for siblings that do not share a last name.

Can I request to be on a certain player or with a certain coach?

Yes. We attempt to honor requests to have players play with their friends or for certain coaches. HOWEVER, we cannot always honor every request. Sometimes there are just too many requests, players have changed age groups or we just need to move kids around to balance out the size of teams.

What does my registration fee cover?

The cost of running youth sports organizations is continually increasing. The Redding Youth Soccer League strives to keep the cost to our member families as low as possible through donations, sponsorships and negotiated contracts. The list of major league expenses that are paid from these funds and your registration fees include:

  • Background checks on all coaches in RYSL
  • Liability and health insurance for players and coaches
  • Game field rental at the Redding Soccer Park
  • Discounted practice field rentals at the Redding Soccer Park (Example: typical U6 team might pay $160/season for practices but with RYSL supplements now only pays $25-$50/season!)
  • Uniforms and equipment for the players
  • Referees
  • League administration fees and rentals
  • District and state association player and league registration fees

Where are the games played?

All of our local games are played at the Redding Soccer Park. Under 10 and above age groups can travel to the surrounding communities for approximately half their games. PLEASE NOTE: The Redding Soccer Park charges an admission fee to all visitors over 12 – except referees, players and coaches.

My child has decided not to play this season. Can I get a refund?

Please see our registration policies page.

My child has decided not to play this season, can you just hold the registration fee until next season?

No. With 1200 kids playing each season in Redding alone, we would not be able to track the fee through the months.