2018 RYSL AGM - Slate of Candidates

Posted - November 5, 2018

Below is the list of individuals seeking positions on the 2018 Redding Youth Soccer League Board of Directors. The 15 Members at Large are elected for a single year and are given jobs and positions on the board of directors based on desire, skill set and fit. Executive Officers are elected for a two-year term and to a specific position.

Running for the positions as Executive Officers:
Vice-President: Jason Hubbert
Treasurer: Madeline Hofferber
NSS President/Comp Coordinator: Marc Pinnell

Running for the position of Board Members At Large:

Ana Gilliland
Kevin Oliver
Don Chin
Marc Pinnell
Brian Seamans
Patrick Konu
Mike Littau
Sarah Jimenez
Royce Greenfield
Kevin Rainsford
Season Schultz
Jed Wilburn
Brian Scarr
Gabe Schultz