Policy on Missed Assignments

If a ref has one unexcused missed assignment s/he will be suspended for two weeks. If the same ref has a second unexcused missed assignment during the same season s/he will be suspended for the rest of the season. The motion carried unanimously.

Some key things to remember:

  • Assignment is a Ref. position that you have been assigned and accepted or a position that you signed up for at a Ref. meeting.
  • Unexcused means the Ref. Coord. was not notified within 24 hrs. prior to a missed assignment.
  • An excused absence would be one that is beyond the reasonable control of the Ref. or extreme/unusual circumstances, in the judgment of the Ref. Coord.
  • Note that if you have two assignments on one day and you oversleep and miss both (i.e. two assignments), you won’t be ref’ing again until next season. Any two week suspension occurring at the end of a season will carry over to the next season

Payment for Cancelled Assignments

  • If you’re notified greater than 24 hrs before game time: No compensation
  • If you’re notified less than 24 hrs. before game time: 50% pay based on assigned position
  • If you’re not notified and you show up and the game is canceled: 100% pay based on assigned position

Here are some examples:

  • It’s pouring rain on Thursday AM and the games are canceled: No pay.
  • It’s pouring rain on Friday evening and the games are canceled: 50% pay.
  • It’s pouring rain on Sat. morning and the games arer canceled before you show up to the field (8:00 am): 50% pay
  • It’s a beautiful day and the team from Manchester, England missed their flight and needs to forfeit their game against the RYSL U12 team: 100% pay.
  • It’s pouring rain on Sat. morning, but you haven’t been called and there is no indication from RYSL that the games are canceled and you show up: 100% pay

There are several, equally valid, ways a Ref might be notified that the games have been canceled:

  • E-mail message (dated and timed) to your e-mail address of record. Remember you are responsible for checking this.
  • Phone call.
  • Reddingsoccer.com website: There will be an icon signifying whether the games are to be played, canceled, or decision pending on the front page.